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Access your PayPal.com account. Click the Activities menu option. Select Transaction ID in the search drop-down menu. Enter the transaction ID and press Enter. Payments API - PayPal Developer Re-authorizes a PayPal account payment, by authorization ID. To ensure that funds are still available, re-authorize a payment after the initial three-day honor period. Supports only the amount request parameter. You can re-authorize a payment only once from four to 29 days after three-day honor period for the original authorization expires. PayPal Payments - PayPal Developer When you create a payment for a PayPal payment, the customer must approve the payment before you can execute the sale. To enable the customer to approve the payment, pass the id field to the payment function on your client. When the customer approves the payment, PayPal calls your client-side onAuthorize callback. 5 Simple Steps to Generate Client ID and Secret ID for To configure PayPal Payment on your website, our API developer needs a client ID and Client Secret key. To get the Secret ID and the Secret Key, you need to have a business PayPal account. Why Business Account? A business account in PayPal is the best because you will be able to send invoices with your business name instead of your individual name.

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How to pay someone with Paypal - TransferWise Possible to make a payment on PayPal without an account if you pay with credit/debit card: Paying with card brings much higher fees than paying with balance or linked bank account . Domestic payments cost 2.9% of the amount + $0.30³ . International payments cost even more . What is a PayPal payer id? - Stack Overflow

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HOW DO I FIND MY PAYPAL USER ID#? - PayPal Community Apr 30, 2010 Where can you locate your PayPal ID? - Quora When PayPal refers to your "PayPal ID", they mean the email address you use to log in. Typically this is also your default email address, and in most cases the oldest email address you have added to the account. It doesn't matter too much, they are interchangeable in most cases, so any of your email addresses on file with PayPal will do. Account ID - Where do I find it? - PayPal Community