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How to log into your D-Link router - YouTube May 21, 2013 NAS | D-Link UK How can I access my DNS-313 on the network? What is the default IP address? Read Answer; How do I connect to my DNS-327L via webdav in Windows Read Answer; Why can´t I see my files, on the first drive, after adding a second drive in my DNS 320/321/323/325? Read Answer; How do I add a second disk to my DNS and convert from standard volume to D-Link Technical Support Products purchased in the US that have reached END-OF-SUPPORT (EOS) or cannot be found using Search on this site (support.dlink.com) may have been moved to our Legacy Products site (legacy.us.dlink.com).You can also click here to access our Legacy Products site: D-Link … How to Set Up a Static IP Address from Your Router - D

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The newly-upgraded Windows 8 machine could see the share using the NAS's IP address, but the CrashPlan profile was already looking for a folder path that contained the device's name, not its IP address. Problem. Windows 8 can't find the D-Link NAS on the network when the server portion of the UNC path is the NAS's device name. D-Link DSA-3600 Integration Guide