Aug 08, 2016

What is a Firewall & why do you need one? | Comparitech Sep 17, 2015 What is WAF and Why do we Need WAF? | Indusface Home » Learning » Web Application Firewall » Why Do We Need WAF? WAF or Web Application Firewall is considered a critical part of an effective security solution that fortifies website security and strengthens the overall security posture. In this article, an in-depth understanding of web app firewalls and their importance to overall security Do I Need a Firewall or a Web Application Firewall? | Optiv In typical consultant fashion, the answer is: ‘yes' or 'it depends'. It’s important to know the difference between these functions and it’s important to know what you are protecting before you can make that decision. However, the short version comes down to this: you should have a firewall protecting your network and if you are hosting web applications you definitely should consider a

Jan 21, 2019

Why Businesses Should Be Conducting Annual Firewall Extensive configurations typically need to be maintained by trained IT specialists. Why Regular Reviews Are Important. Once a firewall is in place, it is critical to the security of any business to conduct regular firewall audits on an annual basis at the minimum.

Sep 24, 2019

Aug 23, 2017