If you use an iPad do you need to install an antivirus? If

Do I need tablet or smartphone security software? – Which Compared to using a laptop or desktop, your chances of contracting a virus on a phone or tablet are small. For virus-writers, traditional computers are an easier target. There are far easier ways for scammers to distribute viruses for Windows PCs, in particular. But no computer system is totally virus … Does Windows 10 Need Antivirus? | Best Windows 10 Windows 10 Antivirus provides the same level of protection against malware as any other Antivirus for Windows 10 provides. If you’re using Windows 10 computer with up-to-date software, you can rely on Windows Defender best virus removal tool built in that won’t hog your CPU resources and will keep an eye on processes and tasks in the Do I need McAfee Total Protection for my iMac and iPhone Mar 27, 2019 do tablets need antivirus protection? - Microsoft Community

Jan 11, 2013

Even Macs Need Antivirus Protection. You surely remember the TV ads with the sniffling, virus …

Apr 16, 2015

It's rare, but not impossible, for iPads to get viruses. Here's how you can defend your iPad from any virus or malware. Dec 18, 2017 · We explain what you need to know about security and antivirus on iPhones and iPads. By Jim Martin , Editor | 18 Dec 2017 People (most often Android users) cite Apple’s walled-garden approach to