Dec 13, 2018

How to use network locations on your Mac - Apple Support Jul 19, 2018 How to Access your Mac Remotely from Any Device and Anywhere Either select, All Users, which means any other device on your network, or Mac you own, can access and connect, or click the Add button (+), which gives you the ability to select who can have remote access and/or control. If you are using a VPN or VNC viewer and want to access your Mac remotely, you will need to setup a password first. Accessing files on a server through a VPN on an iMac I am able to connect to my VPN on the mac. I cannot however, figure out how to access my files. I am missing something in the translation of a PC's ""mapping a drive"" which is how I made the connection to my files, and the mac's ""mapping"" which is how I made my VPN connection but cannot get to my files. Again, remote access isn't an option. Accessing Server on LAN when connecting via VPN (macOS)

[SOLVED] Can't access network resources over vpn on a mac

Jul 05, 2018 VPN - Connect with Cisco IPSec for Mac | Office of The instructions below demonstrate how to connect to the VPN service using native functionality for Mac OSX. However, due to security concerns and the need to reconfigure your connection in the future, OIT does not recommend using this ability, but rather recommends users connect using the Cisco AnyConnect client.

May 07, 2020

Mac OS L2TP/IPsec VPN connects but no access to remote network Alternative way to resolve this was to move VPN network above Wi-Fi in Mac OS Network control (click on cog icon > Set Service Order).. If you want VPN to work in a split-mode (where traffic intended for the remote network is sent over VPN, but all other traffic goes directly over Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection), you have to add a static route manually. How To Remove A VPN From Your Mac - MobiGyaan Jun 16, 2020