Mar 12, 2013

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TCP port 135 is the MSRPC endpoint mapper. You can bind to that port on a remote computer, anonymously, and either enumerate all the services (endpoints) available on that computer, or you can request what port a specific service is running on if you know what you're looking for.

Step 6:Select port and press next Step 7:Specify the port 135 under specific local ports, select TCP and press next. Step 8:click on block the connection and click next. Step 9:Select Domain, Private and Public and click next. Step 10:Give a name and description and click finish. Repeat the steps for the UDP port 135 as well. Reboot Required; No TCP port 135 (epmap service): NOT LISTENING | TechTalkz May 05, 2008 TCP 445 and 139 - Cisco Community

How to close port 135 (UDP/TCP) | Disabling DCOM Service

Along with ports 135, 137 and 139, port 445 is a traditional Microsoft networking port with tie-ins to the original NetBIOS service found in earlier versions of Windows OSes. TCP port scanning How to configure your Windows Firewall for VIPRE - Support Dec 15, 2017 Download the List of SCCM Firewall Ports - How to Manage May 11, 2016