Aug 28, 2011 · Hi guys in this video im gonna show you how you can remove that annoying message that pops up every time you want to open certain files like .exe files(User Account

I just installed Foxit Reader on my Vista computer. Whenever I run Foxit Reader, Vista's User Account Control pops up ("A program needs your permission to continue") and requests me to allow Foxit Reader to run. I had been using a portable v4.3 Foxit Reader. That did not exhibit this problem. So to disable UAC click Start->Control Panel->User Accounts, click "turn User Account Control on or off" link if UAC is active, & pops up just click continue. Uncheck the box where is says " Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer then click OK then restart your computer. There you have it, no more pop up. Have Fun. Aug 10, 2012 · Similar help and support threads Thread: Forum: Can't Access User Account Control Settings Hi there, my problem is that I'm unable to access my UAC settings - there is no Admin password installed, I'm operating as a standard user. every time I try to download a program onto my computer - the "User Account Control" dialog box appears and tells me to type in the Admin password then click Mar 05, 2010 · To change Pop-up Blocker settings. 1. Open Internet Explorer. 2. On the Tools menu, point to Pop-up Blocker, and then click Pop-up Blocker Settings. Internet Explorer Tools menu. If you want to see pop-up windows from a specific Web site, type the address (or URL) of the site in the Address of Web site to allow box, and then click Add. http Apr 17, 2018 · While many utilities provide a myriad of complex options, Startup Control Panel does an excellent job of keeping things simple for users looking to control their start-up environment. First steps in Msconfig Use the little utility that makes it easy to control Windows start-up items 1. From the Run command, open Msconfig. Jul 28, 2010 · Windows 7 allows you to set the UAC to whatever lever you want. Click the start button, type UAC, an option will come up that says: Change user account control options. Click on it. From here, you can use a slider to change UAC to whatever level you want. Jun 04, 2009 · Turn it off. Google "turn off user account control" It's arguably the worst part of Vista. Pain in the neck. It's part of Vista security but Vista has better security so they actually could have left it out.

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Nov 28, 2014

Jun 02, 2014 · Microsoft added User Account Control to Windows in Windows Vista, and it’s still used on Windows 7 and 8 today. UAC restricts what programs can do without your permission. Using an administrator account with UAC is a lot like using a limited user account. There’s not a lot of reason to change the User Account Control setting, but you can. To change the User Account Control setting. On the taskbar or in the Settings window, enter UAC in the search box and then, in the search results list, click User Account Control Settings.